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Horsepower Graphics & Marketing





Who We Are

Horsepower Graphics & Marketing is a small equine graphics design and marketing agency in Northeast Pennsylvania.  Established in 2011, Heidi Schlenker was looking for out of the box solutions to effectively market her stallion, FG Totally A Charmer.  Today, we offer cutting edge equine marketing and advertising solutions that incorporate traditional and digital media to meet your custom equine marketing needs.  We also offer superior services in equine ad design, logo design, photography, and web design.  Contact us today so that we can create the perfect custom package to meet and exceed your needs, without draining your piggy bank.  

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Available Anytime You Need Us

Contact us at 972.750.8278

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Reasons To Choose Horsepower Graphics & Marketing





If your horse requires surgery you trust a veterinarian.  If your horse requires training you hire the most competent trainer.  If your horse requires marketing and advertising you hire Horsepower Graphics & Marketing.  Heidi Schlenker has been involved in the AQHA and APHA industries for over 25 years, and the extensive networking capability behind Horsepower Graphics & Marketing helps set us apart from the rest.  But sometimes industry related experience isn't enough.  However, our industry related experience is backed by an MBA in Marketing as well.  We not only know what it takes to win in today's show pen, we know what it takes to get you and your horse noticed through effective marketing and advertising solutions.  The digital marketing era has changed the marketing and advertising landscape.  It is no longer enough to publish print advertisements in the Equine Chronicle, the APHA Journal, the AQHA Journal, or other equine related print publications.  Of course print advertisements are still an industry standard, but you must also have a digital presence to effectively reach your target market. This includes digital advertisements, social media profiles (yes, your stallion actually needs a Facebook page that is separate from your ranch page), publication in digital magazines, and an effective website.  Your entire marketing strategy must include digital strategies or you will find your brand, sales, and overall business struggling to keep up.  Horses are expensive enough! Don't waste money on ineffective marketing and advertising strategies.  You will save more money, and increase your overall profits with strategic marketing plans that incorporate effective digital strategies.  Horsepower Graphics & Marketing offers custom marketing and advertising solutions to suit your individual needs and drive your profits forward.    

Superior Customer Service



Customer service is the number one priority at Horsepower Graphics & Marketing.  If you are not happy, we are not happy, which is why we continue to work a design until you are 110% satisfied.  Our customer service extends beyond traditional requirements to help you and your business effectively reach your target market, exceed sales goals, and promote your stock and business on a professional level.  With our custom marketing and advertising packages you can mix and match the products and services you need to meet your needs.       

Competitive Pricing & Superior Quality





We strive to keep our prices affordable for the average owner, breeder, exhibitor, and trainer.  We realize not everyone has a massive budget to meet their equine marketing and advertising needs and we routinely offer discounts and promotions for our customers to get the most bang for their buck.  We strive to keep our overhead costs low so that we can pass those savings on to the customer.  The superior quality of our work will exceed your expectations and you can always expect a clean, crisp designs in high resolution and comprehensive equine marketing strategies and plans.    

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